Where can I use it?

How Can I use the MobiCash Account?

Sending money to someone.

The customer will select the “Transfer” and follow the prompts to provide the number to which they wish to send money to, enter the amount, and confirm the phone number and amount before confirming the transaction by clicking “OK”. The customer’s account will be instantaneously debited and the recipients account credited.

Making a payment to a Merchant on your account.

After signing into their account, the customer can select the “Merchant account” they would like to pay. The customer will then input the amount they wish to pay the merchant. When the phone rings, the customer will pick up their phone and bring it close to the computer speakers to authenticate the payment.

Making a payment to an online Merchant.

When the customer has finished selecting the goods they wish to purchase and would like to purchase the product online, they will select “MobiCash” as the payment method. To authenticate and confirm the payment, the customer’s phone shall ring and the customer will bring their phone close to the speakers of the phone to electronically signoff the transaction. The Merchants account shall be automatically credited and the customer’s account debited and the payment would have been instantaneously made.

Making a payment using your MobiCash Card

Is a pre-loaded card that allows customers to make payments and is an alternative to using a phone or finger. When the customer wishes to make a payment, they will simply place the MobiCash Card near the Agent or Merchants terminal to authenticate their identity and confirm the payment. Once authenticated, the customer’s account is automatically debited and the Merchant/Agent’s account credited.

Agent outlets

The MobiCash Agent outlet is the point at which the customer can register for an MobiCash account, Cash in (deposit money) to their account, Cash out (withdraw from their account) and check/update account information. The Agent is equipped with the skills and knowledge to answer any questions the customer might have and to carry out instructions given by the customer.

Merchant outlets

These are establishments that accept MobiCash as payment for goods and services. All MobiCash account holders therefore don’t need to carry around unnecessary amounts of money but can instead pay participating Merchants out of their MobiCash accounts. When making payments at Merchant outlets, the Merchant enters the amount to be paid on their Point of Sale and the client enters their phone number on the terminal keypad. MobiCash will call the customer and the transaction will be signed off when the customer brings his/her phone close to the Merchants POS. The sign of is (~2 sec.) and each account is credited and debited accordingly. Transactions are confirmed by SMS, vocal message, email, or printed receipt.


Customer can keep track of their transactions, verify which payments have been made and the fees charged or even make other payments online at www.mobicashonline.com once signed into their accounts. In order to ensure the security of customer’s accounts online.  

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