A virtual account solution that will

provide services and products to any person

How to access my account

  • Any mobile phone.

  • Point of Sale (POS) via our agent network.

  • Online.

How do I get the MobiCash account?

  • Fill in a customer application form.

  • Present official documentation.

  • Select the finger to be attached to your account.

  • Supply your phone number.

What do I use my MobiCash Account for?

  • Any Payment and Transactions.

  • Access our 17 Value Added Services.

  • Cash in – Cash out.

  • Send and receive money.

  • Save your money: deposit money onto your account at any MobiCash agent point.

Why hold a MobiCash Account

  • Mobile and user friendly.

  • Multi accessible: POS handset, phone, Mobicard and online.

  • Secure: Multi authentication mechanism: Biometry, NFC.

  • Free to open & No maintenance fee.

  • Network Agnostic (access from any phone or network).

  • Even without a phone, you can access your MobiCash account.

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