Is a single cashless mobile financial platform offering a cost efficient suite of

transaction processing, switching and mobile payments.

For everybody

MobiCash aims to use advanced technology to bring a solution to financial inclusion problems by providing the first true opportunity for many unbanked citizen to get on to a formal “banking ladder” with real benefits.


MobiCash goes beyond the basic mobile payment service by explicitly seeking to add financial services which meet the real needs of the unbanked population.

Secure Ecosystem

MobiCash uses a mix of authentication methods that guarantee increased user functionality and enhanced security while accessing the user account.


These include Finger & Voice Biometric, PROXYDATA , NFC (Near Field Communication) and Very Smart Authentication for online purchases.

Transaction Instruments

A MobiCash account holder benefits from Multiple Access Transaction Instruments:


  •   Any mobile phone 
  •   Point of Sale Handset
  •   Online

Cashless ecosystem

MobiCash is a cashless ecosystem that provides consumers with options to use their electronic money rather than instantly converting it back into cash. As opposed to existing mobile payment schemes designed as custom retention scheme with the belief that ‘cash is king’, MobiCash builds its ecosystems with the view that they should be cashless from the start, so customers don’t need to cash-out.


Therefore, MobiCash proposes an extensive bouquet of value added services accessible by anyone holding a Mobicash mobile account.

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