How we keep you secure ?

Secure transactions

An online transaction and account management platform lies behind all MobiCash solutions. The platform ensures fluid, real-time cash flow tracing that is reliable and secure. After each transaction, the server instantly balances accounts and posts the updated information so it can be securely accessed in real-time on the web. It also includes all transaction elements and can be adapted or interfaced with any third party platform or database. MobiCash uses a mix of authentication methods that guarantee increased user functionality and enhanced security while accessing the user account.

Fingerprint Biometric technology

Biometric payment technology has become a mature technology and can actually support financial applications in the real banking world and is a viable replacement for, or enhancement to, the use of passwords or PINs to verify the identity of a person.

Unique characteristics

Each person’s characteristics are unique to that individual. Also it is very hard to loose, and impossible to forget the personal characteristics, since they are a physical part of each individual. The use of biometrics will significantly increase the probability that the person accessing the financial system is actually the person they say they are.

Pay with your finger

Finger biometric authentication method removes the need for users to type in their PIN or password. Users gain access to applications by simply placing their fingertip on a scanner, which records the unique aspects of the fingertip and verifies that their identity is correct. This method of strong authentication is extremely convenient for users to deploy, especially in situations like rural places where mobile phones do not exists

Near Sound Data Transfer™ technology

Users with mobile phones will use a secure authentication and payment validation NSDT™ technology that uses the mobile phones audio channel to transmit secure information used to electronically sign transactions. Each time a client make a transaction, encrypted information is embedded in an audio one-time password (OTP) that is sent to the payment server through the phone’s audio channel. OTPs are only valid for 1 transaction and have a very short life span, making them useless if intercepted and replayed. All transactions are confirmed by text message. Clients can require a pin code for all payments for additional protection. As a result, the NSDT™ signal performs with an excellent level of efficiency and reliability, even when used in noisy environments. With NSDT™, any mobile (or landline) phone is used as a secure identifier and a means of ommunication with the payment service, regardless of the Mobile Network Operator or sophistication of the mobile.

 Near Field Communication technology (NFC)

The combination of the world’s most popular mobile device, the cell phone, with the novel wireless technology Near Field Communication (NFC) makes it possible for a variety of business opportunities. From payment, ticketing, access control, content distribution, smart advertising, peer-to-peer data and money transfers, the potential is virtually limitless. NFC is rapidly becoming the top topic for e-payment applications in the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) field. This technology is the latest short-range wireless connectivity technology that enables a secure means of communication between two electronic devices in safe and faster mode. It supports the use of portable media (bank card, mobile phone) by touch-based interaction, which is an intuitive and user-friendly way of establishing connections and exchanging information between mobile handsets and other devices by just setting them side by side. NFC provides short range wireless connectivity and has developed out of the RFID style contactless identification and interconnection technologies. The concept of NFC is that the technology is able to provide a very easy method of providing connectivity between devices that are a few centimeters apart, and without the need for all the security and set-up procedures that are needed for many other communication technologies. Implemented in mobile phones, the user can pay, get access, and buy a ticket, request information or exchange contacts by touching a tag with his mobile phone.

Voice Biometric

Users WITHOUT a mobile phone can transact using finger or voice biometric authentication. Biometrics as an authentication tool is very powerful because unlike other techniques currently used to authenticate people, uch as passwords or access control badges, it cannot be easily taken away, lost, counterfeited, or forgotten. Voice authentication has a number of advantages. The cost of implementation is low because there is no special hardware required. A simple telephone or microphone is all that a user needs to authenticate using her voice. Other methods of biometric authentication like fingerprinting and retinal scans require special devices. It is easy to use and easily accepted by users as it is quite natural to speak. It is not as natural to put an eye up to a reader. The concept of identifying people by voices is also quite natural as every time someone answers a telephone call, the natural instinct is to try to identify the caller by his voice.  

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