Become Merchant

Become a Merchant

Merchants receive MobiCash payment in exchange for a good or service. They integrate MobiCash into their existing business systems and benefit from utilizing a cashless payment platform. A MobiCash merchant can extend to proving Agent services that is cash in and cash out on application to MobiCash. MobiCash accelerates the global economy by simplifying payment acceptance and enhancing customer loyalty. As MobiCash Merchant a business owner can opt to receive settlement of monies sold over the MobiCash platform deposited to his bank account. Becoming a MobiCash merchant I. Reduces the risks related to transacting with large amounts of hard cash. II. Creates a new revenue stream that is easily manageable and traceable online and through mini bank statements III. Allows for automatic account settlement where payments are automatically remitted to the merchant account in Housing Finance Bank eliminating the need to cash out at Agent points

Financial requirements/down payment

Depending on the type of Merchant an individual/organization is, they may not be required to meet a financial requirement. Exceptions exist where a Merchant chooses to purchase a Point of Sale Terminal to facilitate MobiCash payments.

Merchant Benefits

  • Fraud and crime risks are greatly reduced as less cash is handled at the POS;
  • Transactions are guaranteed once intra and interbank settlement has been effected;
  • Low cost hardware to process mobile transactions is provided;
  • Operational costs that would have been incurred for on-line authorization processing are avoided;
  • The cost of security services associated with the handling of cash at the POS is reduced;
  • Cashless payment services can be extended to all customers, both banked and un-banked;
  • Mobile marketing - Mobile coupons are the way of the future. It helps patrons to be aware of specials at their favourite establishments and to never be without their coupons. It helps business owners to make patrons aware of specials and to draw in extra business every time they send out a few text messages.
  • MobiCoupon Text message virtual coupons are a new way to advertise and to do business. In today’s competitive market, the only way to survive in business is to FLOW with the technology. Everyone is looking for a way to keep the customers coming in and to draw in even more. To do this, you need to think outside the box.


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