Become an Aggregator

Become an Aggregator

As the name suggests, an Aggregator or Agent Network Manager is an individual/organization that sets up various MobiCenters (Agent Points) in specific areas in support of MobiCash service delivery. The Aggregator has the option to choose the region in which they want to operate as well as the option to buy into a specific niche area, should they decide to, for example, by taking over the management of a specific value chain like coffee, cotton or even boda boda riders.

He/she recruits, trains and manages Agents and Merchants in their region. As the driving force behind the Agent Network, the Aggregator acts as the bridge to Agents and Merchants and therefore earns a commission on all transactions handled by his/her MobiCenters. An Aggregator may directly own the MobiCenters or manage independent Agents & Merchants.

a. Financial requirements/down payment

This initial payment is translated into actual cash (to facilitate cash outs), e-float (electronic money- to top up accounts with) and down payments equipment purchase.

b. Channel management

An Aggregator is required to open 5 MobiCenters, with two of these being service level Points. A service Level MobiCenter is a centre at which Agents can cash in (top up their accounts) and cash out (withdraw actual cash). The service Level MobiCenters must also meet the following requirements: I. At least 3x3 meters II. Branded MobiCash colours(MobiCash to facilitate painting) III. Clear and visible signage (To be provided)

c. The earnings break down

Overall, the Aggregator earns 5% of commissions on transaction fees of ALL transactions handled by his MobiCenters that is Agents & Merchants in addition to 100% earnings from his own Agent locations. The Aggregators also earn from customer enrolment activity.  

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