Become an Agent Banking

Become an Agent Banking

Local Agents act as “Virtual Bank Branches” to Provide ‘Financial Services’ to Local Communities

A KCB-MobiCash Agent performs the actual “Human ATM” function for MobiCash by giving cash (cash out) to customers, toping up their accounts (cash in) as well as enrolling people onto the platform. As the face of the product, the Agent is readily on hand to explain how the product works and make demonstrations to that effect where and when necessary. An Agent receives a commission on all transactions handled by his/her MobiCenter.

a. Financial requirement/down payment

A Agent must have a financial capacity as deposit for the MobiCash Agent business as physical cash to facilitate cash out transactions and e-float (electronic value money to top up customers’ accounts) and equipment purchase.

b. The Agent MobiCenter

As a high traffic point, the Agent must always have cash and e-float on-hand to ensure that customers can transact at any given time. The MobiCenter must also follow the set MobiCash Brand guidelines and information relay regulations at all times. This will not only ensure that our customers are educated on MobiCash all the time but make our MobiCenters instantly recognizable and draw more traffic to the MobiCenter effectively causing the Agent to earn more money.

c. The Agent earnings break down

An agent earns 25% commission on transactions fees of all transactions handled by his MobiCenter which include enrolments, cash ins, cash outs and transfers made on behalf of customers. Contact us today by sending an email to info@  

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