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A partnership with MobiCash is a mutually beneficial relationship. Our program provides clearly defined requirements and benefits, as well as a range of options. This means you can find a partnership arrangement that works best for your business. We ensure that your business is invested with us at the right level, and that you have the right resources to get under way as soon as possible. As a valued partner, you can also grow your business with access to our broad and growing customer base. We look for partners who can complement our business and provide maximum value to our customers. We welcome opportunities to explore new partnerships. Contact us below to find out more.

Bank implementation

When implemented by a bank, MobiCash serves to broaden and improve existing services, develop new financial services, and draw new customers (particularly low and mid-income). For example, a bank could offer its clients the ability to link their cell phone to a bank account and use the phone to pay participating retailers, reimburse loans, or perform money transfer operations. Microfinance banks can use MobiCash to provide their agents with a tool for loan distribution and management that is more secure, efficient, reliable, and accessible. Loan officers can use a Proximate P2P transaction to receive a loan repayment or to serve as the borrower signature for loan reception or reimbursement effectively automating accounting procedures and offering an online central database.

Mobile Network Operator implementation (MNO)

MNOs may implement MobiCash as part of existing mobile payment efforts or as a new mobile payment service altogether. Offering mobile payment at a point of sale is only possible with Mobicash. MNOs can use Mobicash retail payment solution to help resolve cash shortage issues. Additionally, MNOs can use Mobicash to improve the security, efficiency, and ease of airtime top-up procedures.

Payment Service Provider implementation (PSP)

PSPs can use MobiCash to offer bank-like services such as stored value accounts and loyalty schemes. With Mobicash, PSPs can easily avoid problematic cards and EPT deployment that is plagued by the chicken-and-egg syndrome. MobiCash can be offered to merchants who are interested in accepting mobile payment. PSPs can also use Mobicash web authentication function to secure online transactions using NSDT.

How to Apply

Questions about the program? Email us at

Partnered Banks with for International Remittance

  • The Barclays Bank in Botswana
  • Kenya Commercial Bank (Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, South Sudan)
  • Banque de la Republique du Burundi
  • Banque Centrale du Congo-DRC
  • BancoBu Commercial bank of Burundi
  • BGFI Bank, Kinshasa, Congo-DRC
  • National Bank of Rwanda (BNR)
  • BEAC / SMAC Societe Monetique Afrique centrale
  • Cemac Microfinance Institutions (452)
  • Housing Finance Bank (Uganda)


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