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Become a MobiCash country partner and get the strength and resources of one of the most successful global mobile payment brands behind you! Working Together! At MobiCash, partners are a valuable asset. We don't consider our partners an outlet for selling products, but a part of the MobiCash dream team. Around the world our partners work together to give customers the best experience possible in buying and using our products. Successful MobiCash Partners share MobiCash's vision and effectively execute business objectives:

  • Have extensive technological expertise
  • Share MobiCash's commitment to providing innovative solutions for clients
  • Hold recognizable and trusted presence in their territories
  • Are motivated to continually refining MobiCash product skills

Partnership mechanisms

  1. MobiCash
    • Core technology software
    • System setup & transfer
    • Initial & on-going development
    • System integration into partner / customer systems
    • Commercialisation - pilot project
    • Initial project management
    • System installation & testing
    • Technical support organisation
    • Training
    • System servicing & trouble shooting
    • Board & strategic participation
    • Operational licence
  2. Local Partner
    1. Initial capitalization of the business & first 6 months to breakeven
    2. Register “MOBICASH®” trademarks locally in the name of MobiCash
    3. Manage the local office - full management control.
    4. Obtain all business registrations, licensing and approvals, investment certificates, foreign ownership registrations, forex clearances etc.
  3. Joint-Venture
    1. Program control and planning
    2. Setup of a switching centre
    3. Recruitment of personnel
    4. Computing infrastructure
    5. Register “MOBICASH® Country X” in the name of the JV
    6. Translate MobiCash into local language and writing
    7. Run MobiCash in the country
    8. Contingency and Disaster Recovery
    9. Undertake local marketing and sales to the general public, businesses and institutional customers
    10. JV responsible for all ordinary and current outgoings and running expenses.
  4. Process Checklist This checklist summarizes the basic steps taken in a negotiated partnership agreement with MobiCash. It is meant as a guide only. The foregoing is not meant to address every single phase of the process. However, it does provide a basic outline for you/partners to follow.
    1. Opening of communication channels and identification of people authorized to make representation;
    2. Exchange of companies profiles;
    3. Preliminary exchange of emails and teleconferences to outline the business relationship; Identifying mutual values and Goal settings;
    4. Each party to provide and executive summary outlining the expectations;
    5. Technical assessment and project feasibility;
    6. Live demonstration of service and features
    7. MobiCash to provide a business proposal (scope of business model, shareholding model, implementation process, …);
    8. Express and letter of intent and presentation of an offer;
    9. Analysis, offer, counter-offer, negotiation of economic terms and agreement;
    10. Commitment and Memorandum of Understanding;
    11. Financials, Budgets, Funding and Contract;
    12. Contract execution
    13. Appointment of Directors and Staffing
    14. Sites survey and pilot test; training
    15. Commercials.

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